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Home Propane Vancouver WA

Home Propane Uses

Home Propane Vancouver WAFor the highest quality of home propane in Vancouver, WA, Dog Days Propane has you covered. With convenient delivery and great pricing, Dog Days delivers customers full tanks of propane directly to your home in Vancouver, WA. Homes can require propane for a multitude of different things like patio heating and grills, so make sure that you don’t run out of propane at the wrong time! Get your BBQ propane tanks delivered right to your door and never worry about having to haul the containers back to the store. Our team can exchange tanks at your home and take the empty tanks away for you. Our home propane specialists will make sure all the tanks we deliver get filled to their maximum allowed capacity. Don’t worry about forgetting to refill your tank ever again with our regularly scheduled deliveries to your Vancouver home!

The Multitude of Propane Uses In Your Home

Some of the many uses for propane in your home include:

  • Patio/Outdoor Living Spaces: Patios are an essential part of entertaining guests and family. Built-in grills, fire pits, heaters, and pool heaters can all utilize propane.
  • Water Heaters: Tankless propane water heaters give residents an unlimited supply of hot water and can help lower bills.
  • Generators: Propane generators can keep your home and family safe during storms and other inclement weather.
  • Furnaces: Furnaces that run on propane can keep your home warm for almost half the cost of an electric or gas furnace.
  • Fireplaces: Propane fireplaces allow for the same fireplace look and feel, without the mess!

Have A Tiny House? Propane Is Crucial!

Tiny homes are becoming more popular and these homes run primarily on propane power. When you need hot water for cooking or cleaning in your tiny home, propane is the most efficient way to do so. Ask us how we can help you get the right propane cylinder for your tiny home!

Home Propane Safety Is Important

Propane Safety Vancouver WAWhen you have propane in and around your home, it’s incredibly crucial to make sure you’re taking the correct safety precautions when storing and using your gas. At Dog Days Propane, we take your safety and the safety of your home very seriously. We recommend that you always keep your propane tanks outside of the house, never storing them inside. Keep them in a well-ventilated area. We also recommend keeping them out of garages, sheds, and other enclosed spaces. Keep your propane tanks stored in cool places and away from flames. Keeping them out of areas that get up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit is essential. If you ever smell rotten eggs or something that smells like a skunk or dead animal, you could have a leak in the tank. If your tank is making a hissing noise near your tank, turn the valve off and vacate your home immediately. You should always call 911 and have the fire department look at the tank just in case.

Propane Tank Hook-Up For Your Home

If you need help hooking up your propane tanks for your home, don’t waste any time and call the experts at Dog Days Propane for the experienced installation of your home’s propane tanks. Whether it’s for your home or your BBQ, we can hook up your propane tanks properly and can ensure the safety and efficiency of your propane. Call the professional team at Dog Days Propane today for proper propane hookups! We can also hook up your propane tanks to your RV!

Your Local Propane Experts!

When you need high-quality propane for your home, call the experts at Dog Days Propane. We are the local experts on home propane hookups, safety, and more! Choose us for all things propane in Vancouver, WA. Get ahold of one of our team members today and find out how we can help you today!

Delivery at your convenience

Get more value with our 20lb cylinders when you compare to the competition’s 15lb cylinders that retail for the same price. You won’t need to haul your empty to the store and wait in line for your refill.