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Six Areas Propane Can Level Up Your Home

It should be no surprise that propane has been a home-heating mainstay for years as an energy source. Propane offers numerous home solutions, from fireplaces to boilers. But the utility of propane doesn’t stop there.

With our latest blog post, Dog Days Propane is ready to help you explore the possibilities for home propane use in appliances and recreational vehicles. As the leading propane delivery service in Vancouver, WA and the greater Portland metro area, we see how this adequate fuel can level up homes daily.

With that in mind, here are the six areas to maximize propane-use in your home and take your home life up a notch.

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Central Heating at a Low Cost

Most ubiquitously used for heating the home and providing hot water, propane is the go-to option for home heating. It is a more energy-efficient option than electric or natural heating systems. Propane-based space heaters and furnaces provide warmth and coziness indoors, even during the harshest winters.

Meanwhile, propane-powered water heaters provide hot water at a lower cost than electric models and are more energy-efficient. They are also small and take up less space in the home than traditional gas or electric models, affording you more space in the garage.

Cooking with Propane

This one might seem like a no, duh, but propane is a popular choice for cooking. Some might even say it’s the only choice. With propane, food cooks faster and evenly, resulting in better taste and texture. And as an inexpensive and efficient fuel source, it sets the standard for premium grills. But did you know you could also cook with propane for stoves and ovens? That’s right! With a propane stove and oven, you can get great results and lower bills (depending on whether your range uses electricity or natural gas) by converting today.

Comfort in the Castle

It’s true! Propane can even make your home more comfortable with some luxurious living. Homeowners can convert their fireplaces to use propane. Propane fireplaces provide warmth and ambiance in any space without needing a large traditional fireplace or chimney system. It’s a great option for low-maintenance ambiance and avoiding the pungent smell of wood fires.

Propane is also an efficient and cost-effective way to heat a hot tub. Propane-powered hot tubs use less energy than electric models, resulting in lower running costs and more time in the tub. So whether outdoors or indoors, live the good life with propane-powered amenities.

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Camping In Style

Alright, mea culpa, this isn’t precisely home life. Then again, what is a recreational vehicle if not a home away from home? Just as propane can fuel the stovetop, oven, water heater and more at home, so can propane keep the creature comforts in a camper van ready for use. Many recreational vehicles use electrical hookups to keep these amenities running, but the advantage of a propane RV is that you don’t need an electrical hookup at all!

That means no noisy generators and a more remarkable ability to go “boondocking” or off the grid. The good news is that Dog Days Propane can deliver both! Before going on your next road trip, make sure you know which type of propane tank your RV uses (DOT or ASME) and whether they need to be 20-pound or 33-pounds.

Currents of Power

As in electricity, we’re running with a theme here, and it took a bit to find a synonym for electricity that started with the letter C. Anyways, propane can be used as a fuel source for standby generators during power outages because of how compact propane canisters are.

This allows you to keep essential appliances and equipment running until the power comes back. Propane helps keep the lights on when other fuel sources fail. As the Pacific Northwest is at risk for earthquakes, it’s a shrewd idea to use propane-powered generators to keep the lights on in emergencies.

More than that, a generator is an excellent resource for camping in the wilderness. Whether home or away, propane generators are a great way to ensure you always have power at your fingertips.

Dog Days Provides Propane Delivery in Vancouver and Beyond!

Phew, that was a lot of leveling up. And now that we’ve reached the mountaintop, we can see that propane is a clean-burning and effective fuel that can power appliances in both homes and recreational vehicles without hazardous waste. No matter how you plan on using propane to level up your home life, Dog Days Propane has you covered from Clark County to the Portland metro.

Our propane specialists make it easy for homeowners to have a steady supply delivered right to their doorstep with our convenient propane refill subscriptions. Just looking for one-off propane delivery in the Vancouver area? No worries, we do that too! Contact us today or call us at (360) 984-6396 for more information.

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Six Areas Propane Can Level Up Your Home

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